Romania dental treatments attract people from all over Europe, and for a good reason! First, prices for dental treatments in Romania are up to 70% lower than in the U.K. Second, according to a Romania Dental Market Analysis, the number of dental clinics at international standards is larger than in any other countries.

As it can be expected, the largest number of dental clinics in Romania is in Bucharest (over 1,300). But there are other reasons to consider this city for your dental treatments, as described below.

Romania dental implants

5 Reasons to Choose Romania Dental Clinics 

1. High-Quality at Lower Prices

If you choose to solve your dental issues in Romania, you may save a lot of money. According to several scientific studies focused on dental tourism around Europe, in Romania the prices are at least 50% lower compared to similar treatments in Western Europe. Same studies highlight that Romania dental implants have prices two or three times lower than the price charged for the same dental package in countries in Western Europe.

2. Highly Skilled Dentists

Dentists working in the best dental clinics in Bucharest are excellently prepared to solve a wide range of dental problems. Romania is well recognised for the numerous dentists hired abroad based on their high qualification and skills. Moreover, dental schools in Romania prepare new generations of highly qualified dentists every year.

3. Fully-equipped Dental Clinics

Modern dental clinics have been developed in recent years in Bucharest. Besides the highly skilled dentists working there, the equipment used for all kinds of treatments is the latest generation. Modern facilities and computerised techniques help dentists to solve your problem in record time, with a small error rate.

4. The Multitude of Dental Treatments

If you choose Romania dental treatments, you will discover clinics equipped to solve any problem, since all kinds of treatments are available in the best clinics. Dental implants, dental crowns, tooth extraction, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, scaling, cosmetic dentistry or dental veneers are just the most important treatments that you can find in dental clinics in Bucharest.

5. Enjoy a Holiday

The big plus for dental tourism is that you solve your dental problems, but at the same time you enjoy a vacation during your stay.

Bucharest is a great destination and while you benefit from dental treatments, you can visit a some of the attractions that made the capital city of Romania famous. Of course, you can also enjoy fantastic restaurants, with local cuisine and cool parties in awesome clubs.

Choose Romania for your trip abroad for dental treatments!

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Romania Dental Implants vs. U.K. Dental Implants

Dental implants are among the most complex and difficult dental procedures. Furthermore, in the U.K. and other countries around Europe, dental implants are the most required treatments. But in spite of its popularity, the price for this kind of treatment is very high.

In the U.K., a dental implant treatment starts at over 1,000 GBP. On the other hand, Romania dental implants start at around 300 GBP. Even if the prices are considerably lower in Romania than in the U.K., there is no decline on professionalism or the quality of the materials used.

Besides dental implants, other dental treatments have very good prices in Romania. This includes dental crowns, with prices from 300 GBP, and cosmetic dentistry, with prices starting from 180 GBP.

Romania dental implants

Why Romania Dental Services?

Romania dental tourism has a lot of advantages:

  • the best services in dental practices,
  • excellent dentists,
  • modern facilities in dental clinics.

Not to mention, clients from the U.K. benefit from the numerous daily flights connecting London and Bucharest. So you will save both time and money choosing to treat your dental issues in Bucharest.

So, if you decide to come to Romania for your dental treatments, you should know that Luxe Romania is ready to make this a fantastic experience! Luxe covers all aspects for your dental travel in Romania. You only have to book your flight and the other aspects will be managed by us.

Consequently, Luxe Romania will arrange your dental treatments and personalised aftercare – we work only with the best clinics in Bucharest in dental services. Moreover, transfers from and to the airport, accommodation in Bucharest and car services are also arranged by Luxe. Choosing Romania dental tourism, you will benefit from affordable dental packages and high-quality services.

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